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Universal Programmable TPMS Sensor

T10 is an universal programmable TPMS sensor developed by Foxwell in 2020. It integrates 315MHz and 433MHz dual frequency and can replace more than 98% of the direct tire pressure system OEM sensors on the market today. With Foxwell TPMS service tools, it can be easily activated and programmed within seconds.

1) Compatible with more than 98% of the vehicles equipped with a tire pressure system

2) 315MHz and 433MHz dual frequency

3) Wireless sensor programming with Foxwell TPMS service tools

4) Can be reprogrammed without any limitations

5) Interchangeable valves-rubber or metal valve

6) Unique serial numbers to assure quality control

7) High precision air valve to avoid air leakage

8) Built-in battery with an extended service life (more than 5 years).

9) 0-30° adjustable angle

Battery LifeMore than 5 years
Operation Temperature(-)40°C to +125°C
Storage Temperature(-)40°C to +35°C
Operation Humidity≤90%
Operating Frequency315 MHz / 433 MHz
Low Frequency125K
Pressure Monitoring Range0 to 900kPa
Pressure Reading Accuracy±1 kPa
Temperature Reading Range(-) 40°C to +125°C
Temperature Reading Accuracy±1°C
G Sensor Reading Accuracy±1g
Transmission Power5-8 dBm
Battery3.0 V
Dimensions(W x H X D)46.2x27.8x17.7mm
Weight without valve12g




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