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USB Videoscope

VS300's camera-tipped probe allows you to get that camera lens around corners, inside or behind walls. The probe and camera lens are waterproof and featured with built-in LED, and can be used to inspect any dark, fluid soaked and hard to reach areas. Mechanics can inspect engine cylinder walls by simply removing a spark plug and inserting the probe. It gets a clear view inside cylinder heads, behind wallboards and other hard to reach areas normally hidden from sight and turns your tablet scanner into a video inspection scope. It can record both images and videos, which offers you a cost-effective way to inspect any vehicle, machine or infrastructure.

Operating SystemWindows X, VISTA  Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10
Photo24 points in RGB color (1/12" VGA CMOS camera)
"Resolution640*480 pixels
Field of View60 degree
Frame Rate30fps, 6pcs dimmable white LED lights
USB Cable Length2000mm +/- 50mm"
"Total Product Length1000mm
Hand Holder Length220m
Flexible Probe750mm +/- 50mm
Diameter of CameraΦ7.0mm
Len Diameter60mm
Camera Head Outer Diameter7.2mm
Removable Tube Diameter4.8mm"
Waterproof Level of Lens and Flexible TubeIP67
Focal Length300 mm - 800 mm
Net Weight0.35kg
Box Size291*140*44mm




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