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What TPMS Tool Can Program All Sensors?

Mar. 06, 2024

Why Monitor Tire Pressure?


Monitoring tire pressure is crucial for maintaining vehicle safety and enhancing fuel efficiency. Studies reveal that 33,000 crashes occur annually due to under-inflated tires, with 75% of roadside flats stemming from slow leaks or under-inflation. Shockingly, 35% of drivers admit to never checking their tire pressure. According to NHTSA estimates, TPMS could potentially save up to 660 lives each year.


What should you do when the TPMS warning light illuminates?


Ignoring the warning light risks tire failure or even serious injury. While comprehensive checks at workshops are effective, they often exceed budgetary constraints. However, the FOXWELL T1000 offers a cost-effective solution. This professional TPMS relearn tool provides sensor activation and programming capabilities. Released in 2021, it boasts the latest technology to activate OEM/universal TPMS sensors, retrieve sensor data (including ID, tire pressure, temperature, battery condition, and OE part number), relearn 98% sensor IDs, program FOXWELL T10-sensors to replace faulty ones, and even test RF Remote Keyless Entry Key Fobs.


FOXWELL T1000 offers a range of features:


- Activate 98% OEM/Universal TPMS sensors: in both All wheel mode and Single wheel mode.

- Program FOXWELL T10 Sensors: Copy by Activation; Manual Create; Auto Create.

- 3 TPMS Relearning Methods: self-learning; indirect learning; static learning.

- Rapid Sensor Data Reading: Includes sensor ID, tire pressure, temperature, battery, frequency, and more.

- Key Fob Testing Tool: Precisely tests 315MHz and 433MHz key fobs to ensure they are functioning perfectly.

- Solid and Rugged Construction: Built with durable materials to withstand harsh work environments.

- Intuitive and Easy Instructions: Easy navigation and operation with clear instructions and a detailed user manual.

- Protective Blow Molding Box: Comes with an original carrying case to prevent damage to your scanner, making it an excellent gift idea.

- Save Time and Money: Easily solve TPMS issues without the need to visit a dealership, saving both time and money.


TPMS Sensor Tool

Activate Almost All TPMS Sensors


This FOXWELL TPMS scan tool T1000 enables you to activate 98% known OEM/Universal TPMS sensors tool in the market. You can swiftly and precisely activate and decode sensors to retrieve their ID, pressure, temperature, battery status, frequency, and OE Part number before servicing tires/wheels or performing programming or relearn tasks. There's no need to invest in a separate activation tool. Sensor activation can be completed within seconds using two methods: All wheel mode and Single wheel mode.

FOXWELL T 1000 three types of TPMS sensor relearn


The FOXWELL T1000 TPMS Relearn Tool serves as a professional TPMS relearn scanner, capable of relearning nearly all known sensor IDs. It is compatible with 99% of vehicles equipped with a TPMS system and is highly favored by car repair shops and DIY car owners alike. To ensure compatibility with different vehicles, the T1000 offers three types of TPMS sensor relearning methods: self-learning, indirect learning, and static learning. These methods are easy to operate due to the clear and intuitive instructions provided by the scanner.




The T1000 provides simple relearn procedure instructions to streamline the auto-relearn process for vehicles capable of learning single or multiple TPMS sensor IDs. For certain vehicles, the "Relearn" function can be automatically completed through driving, making it convenient for users to perform a complete set of sensor replacement operations on their own.


Indirect learning:


This method can only be performed inside the vehicle. When a tire pressure sensor is unavailable, the T1000 TPMS relearn tool provides a learning method for users to reset the tire pressure light from within the car. The specific learning method may vary depending on the vehicle.


Static learning:


The T1000 enables the transfer of new TPMS sensor IDs without the need to drive the vehicle. Users can trigger the sensors while the vehicle is in learn mode using our TPMS Tool T1000.


In conclusion


The FOXWELL T1000 TPMS tool stands out as a comprehensive solution for programming and relearning nearly all TPMS sensors efficiently. With its user-friendly interface, robust construction, and extensive features, it caters to both professional repair shops and DIY car owners. Don't compromise on safety and efficiency; invest in the FOXWELL T1000 TPMS tool today.


For more information, contact us or your preferred supplier.

TPMS Sensor Tool


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