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Why Do You Need A TPMS Service Tool?

Apr. 11, 2024

Tires are crucial components of a car, and tire pressure plays a vital role in their performance. Whether too low or too high, tire pressure can significantly impact tire performance and driving safety.


TPMS, or Tire Pressure Monitoring System, continuously monitors tire pressure while driving, providing real-time alerts for air leakage and low tire pressure to ensure safe driving.


With Foxwell TPMS Service Tools, you can reset, reprogram, or activate TPMS sensors after replacement or adjustment. This ensures that the vehicle's ECU accurately reads the current tire pressure, enhancing overall safety and performance.


What is TPMS Diagnostic Tool?


A TPMS sensor is the central nucleus for each of your four tires which learns each individual code. TPMS sensors are programmed to work with specific vehicle make, model and year.


If customers have to replace their TPMS sensors because of repairs or tire rotations, the TPMS sensor is programmed to the vehicle and relearned with a TPMS tool to indicate which sensors are in which tires. Oftentimes, with indirect systems, that means a connection to the OBDII port to complete the relearn.


TPMS Diagnostic And Service Tool

Why You Need a Foxwell TPMS Service Tool:


1. Ensure Driving Safety:

Underinflated tires reduce maneuverability, especially during tight turns and sudden stops, even before the TPMS light illuminates. TPMS reset tools enable early detection and resolution of issues, preventing potentially serious safety hazards.


2. Improve Fuel Efficiency:

Low tire pressure increases fuel consumption as the vehicle requires more energy to propel forward. TPMS reset tools help maintain optimal tire pressure levels, maximizing fuel efficiency and reducing unnecessary fuel expenses.


3. Save Money and Time:

Without TPMS reset tools, tire and sensor maintenance typically requires professional assistance, costing both time and money. With a TPMS reset tool, you can easily reset sensors yourself, saving valuable time and avoiding service fees.


Capabilities of Foxwell TPMS Service Tools:


1. Reading TPMS Data:

These tools can retrieve TPMS sensor data, including pressure levels, tire temperature, battery status, sensor IDs, and more.


2. Diagnosing TPMS System:

In case of TPMS error light activation due to factors like low tire pressure, tire changes, rotations, or seasonal tire swaps, the TPMS reset tool can be used to deactivate the warning light.


3. TPMS Sensor Relearning:

After sensor replacement or adjustment, the Foxwell TPMS service tool assists in informing the engine control module about the new sensor's location, facilitating proper sensor recognition. It supports relearning for 98% of sensors.


4. TPMS Sensor Programming:

While relearning instructs the ECM on locating the sensor, sensor programming is necessary to configure the sensor with appropriate protocols and applications, ensuring full compatibility with the vehicle's ECM.


5. TPMS Sensor Activation:

These service tools can activate TPMS sensors to initiate data collection and transmission. Foxwell TPMS service tools are compatible with activating 99% of sensors available on the market.


Foxwell TPMS Diagnostic And Service Tool are known for their speed, reliability and customer service. Foxwell TPMS service tools are a smart investment for car enthusiasts and mechanics. Foxwell TPMS tools accurately read tire pressure data, monitor and reset tire pressure systems, helping you stay safe on the road.


 TPMS Diagnostic And Service Tool


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